Galleria Alessandra Di Castro

Alessandra Di Castro comes from an old Roman family of antique dealers who have been doing business in the Italian capital since 1878.

The entrance to the Gallery gives onto Piazza di Spagna.
From the doorway to number 4, a concealed courtyard leads the visitor into the secluded rooms of a historical 17th century palazzo housing old masters (primarily of Italian schools), sculptures, marbles, semi-precious stoneworks and rare objets d'art. Most of the artworks on display come from private collections.

The Galleria Alessandra Di Castro is also happy to assist its customers with purchases or sales and to provide art historical research, estimates and expertises; it is also available for consultation in matters relating to collections and inheritance.
Alessandra Di Castro, who holds a degree in art history and is a member of the Italian Antique Dealers' Association, has also been director of The Jewish Museum since 2012.

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